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Networking expert

digital nomad

Digital nomad


Social scientist


Born in Salzburg, graduated in political science in Vienna and living in Minsk.


Working for international companies in the field of information technology.


Striving to find new ways of handling problems

Who I am

Currently I work as a project manager at one of the most successful enterprises in Belarus, with experience in partnership relations, optimization and creating new innovative solutions. With my background in IT and politics, I use all channels of everyday life to get the job done and the best out of it. Fueled with curiosity, passion and a healthy touch of the extraordinary, I life for new people, stories and opportunities.

By staying tuned with the latest trends and travelling around the world, I catch ideas, experience and enhance my broad academic foundations based in social science and technology. By turning information into action, I contributed to the openings of new cultural institutions, successes of political campaigns and the quality of widely used mobile apps. Most recently, I worked on the successful launch of cloud and security services, by taking use of a newly build and technically most advanced datacenter in the Republic of Belarus. By looking ahead and catching the moment, I’m always open to take on projects, gigs, journeys and most of all adventures - so feel free to get in touch with me.

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